1. CHCL Fiduciary Group (the Group) may act through its proper officers in the exercise of any discretionary or other powers.

2. The Group shall be entitled to remuneration as a first charge on the clients’ assets and in accordance with the Group’s published scale of fees from time to time.

3. Notwithstanding the power to charge for its services, the Group shall be entitled to employ advocates, solicitors, accountants and other agents, and to be repaid out of the client’s assets all costs and expenses thereby incurred.

4. In certain instances, the Group may receive commissions or remuneration paid by stockbrokers, insurance companies or other agents for advisory work undertaken.

5. The Group may register investments in the names of nominees. When the Group is acting jointly with an individual or any third party, all monies, securities, title deeds and trust documents shall be in the custody of the Group, in the case of registered or inscribed investments, the name of the Group or its nominee shall appear first.

6. The Group shall have the right to collect all income on behalf of clients either directly or indirectly through its nominees or agents.

7. The Group shall have the right to terminate any business relationship with any client that does not meet general international anti-money laundering regulations.