Twelve good reasons taken from the Registry website:
  1. Worldwide Network of Maritime Registrars and other registration offices for local contact by Owners
  2. No restriction on ownership of vessel – St. Kitts & Nevis company not required, though using one will result in a lower registration fee
  3. No restriction on nationality of Master, Officers and Crew onboard
  4. Central control of registration and issuing of documents
  5. Rapid turnaround of enquiries and applications
  6. Competitive fee structure – no ‘hidden extras’
  7. Convenient location of Head Office for World Wide time zones
  8. Individuals or corporate bodies can be owners or BB charterers of a ship
  9. Recourse to a well established legal system based on English Law
  10. Registration under ownership, bareboat charter and for ships under construction
  11. Knowledgeable and experienced staff in both Head Office and in the offices of our Maritime Registrars to assist with enquires
  12. Merchant Shipping legislation based on British and IMO Models

To assist with the registration of a pleasure craft of up to 24 metres in length Trust Services (Nevis) Limited require the following documentation:

  1. Application for Registration – Form A1
  2. Power of Attorney or Board Resolution (where necessary) confirming the authority of the person signing the Application Form if other than the owner
  3. Bill of Sale showing the transfer of ownership
  4. For applications by a Company, a copy of its Certificate of Incorporation; or an original recent Certificate of Good Standing. For applications by individuals a copy of their passport(s), clearly showing their full name and other details as submitted on Form A1
  5. Existing Tonnage Certificate if changing flag; or “Surveyor of Ships”; or Pleasure Vessel Affidavit.
  6. If changing flag, a Certificate of Registry for the current flag; or a letter from that flag advising that they consent to the change of flag; or Deletion Certificate from that flag.

For further information regarding ship or yacht registration and/or ship or yacht mortgage registration in St. Kitts and Nevis or The Republic of Panama and/or The British Virgin Islands please contact your CHCL Fiduciary Group representative or e-mail