Caribbean Holding Company Ltd is a fiduciary group dedicated to providing a broad range of superior fiduciary services to qualified professionals in support of the needs of their clients. In the performance of our duties, we may be directly responsible for these services or, alternatively, we may co-ordinate the provision of services by associated organizations located in alternative jurisdictions where we, ourselves, do not have administrative offices.
While the Group itself was created at the start of 2004, the senior management has been providing international trustee, company formation and administration services in the Caribbean and Central America since 1983, and it is this broad range of experience and associations that make the group unique.

Through its associates, agents and operating subsidiary companies, the Group provides and assists its professional service clients with, among other things:

  • an interactive web-site ( availing qualified professionals of a fast, reliable and user friendly internet incorporation service for Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Nevis and Republic of Panama juridical entities;
  • the incorporation and administration of international holding and trading companies and companies specializing in undisclosed agency transactions;
  • the structuring and creation of family trusts and other forms of asset protection and general investment vehicles;
  • the incorporation and administration of Mutual Funds in the British Virgin Islands;
  • the incorporation and administration of Captive Insurance Companies;

The Group has also developed a number of business products and contacts that can be of considerable assistance to domestic and international fiscal planners. These include:

  • the incorporation and maintenance of private trust companies in Nevis for use by professional offices which do not habitually use trusts as a part of their client structuring but who, from time to time, have clients that prefer a trust (to say a Panama Foundation) and wish their trusted adviser (the professional) to act as their trustee instead of engaging a trustee unknown to them; and
  • an international employee leasing programme, principally aimed at providing a flexible employment structure which mitigates the onerous administrative and reporting requirements attaching to EU residents who might otherwise choose to be self employed.